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Terms Of Use


Set out herein are the terms of use of this website. The terms of use set out herein is an agreement between "YOU" (the visitor/s) and "US" (this website). If you do not agree or wish to abide by the terms of use then you do not have permission to use this website and you should leave immediately.


The terms of use are subject to change at any given time, with or without notice. You agree to check for changes at each visit you make to this website and to abide by any such changes.


Description of this website


This website ( is designed for the purpose of promoting an offline business. The business this website promotes is of a transport nature, this could mean transferring people or items from and to arranged destinations across the UK.


Throughout this website you will see some of the services that we offer, you are free to use the contact details displayed on this website in order to contact us to seek information regarding our services, or to book our services. This website is for display, promotional and to allow you to contact us purposes only.


Your usage


You agree to use this website for the purposes described above.


You agree not to:


1. use this website to send unsolicited contact (spam) to this website, or to visitors of this website via any means, including telephone communications and emails,

2. use this website to collect personal information from visitors of this website,

3. pose, or give the impression to other visitors that you are a member of our staffing team,

4. submit content that will cause harm to the functionality of this website, or to the functionality of devises us, or visitors may use in order to gain access to this website,

5. submit content to this website that you do not have permission to submit, or do not own,

6. submit content to this website that is of a harrassing, bullying, trolling, homophobic, pedophelic, or racist nature, or any nature that may offend any other person.


Copyright Infringements


The content this website as uploaded to the world wide web is content either owned by us, or content we are allowed to use. Some features throughout this website will allow visitors of this website to submit content that will be displayed on this website, you agree you are responsible for the content that you submit to this website and that you will remove all responsibility from this website and the owner of this website for any blame that maybe put on us as a result of your submissions to this website. You agree by submitting content that can be seen by all visitors to this website that you are giving us a royalty free licence to display such content.


If you believe this website is displaying content that it should not be, or does not have permission to be please contact us immediately, where we will be happy to investigate the situation and remove the offending content if deemed appropriate to do so.


Your Privacy


This website uses cookies that may collect data regarding your activity on this website, you can read our cookie policy by clicking here.


We may also store other details of yours such as your email address/es, name, contact phone number/s, submitted addresses/pickup or drop off points. We will only store such information in order to correspond with you if you have contacted us via certain functions displayed on this website (such as the e-mail form), or to carry out the duties of the services we provide offline. The only other reason we may use your submitted information is if we believe fraudulent or any other criminal activity is occurring, of which will pass such information on to a party, or parties of Authority. We will also pass such information to a party, or parties of Authority if we are approached and called upon to do so.


We will never sell, or purposely give your information to any other party, or parties in order to gain in any manner. Your privacy is important to us.




We do not accept payments of any kind for our offline services via this website, nor will we ever ask you to make payments via this website. You agree and understand that this website, nor the owner can be held responsible for any payments that you make via this website that you believe we are going to be the recipient of. Do not make payments via this website, we will never ask you to, if your asked to make a payment, or payments via this website by anyone posing as a member of our work force please contact us immediately to inform us, you can call us on 01237 66 60 60 or e-mail us using the form on the contact page, but most importantly do not make any payment requests. You agree if you ignore this term and make a payment, or payments via this website, or to anyone posing as a member of our work force, that you will not and can not hold this website, nor the owner of this website reliable for any financial or other loses that may occur on your behalf.


Do not:


Submit any banking or financial details of yours, or others to this website via any displayed function/s on this website under any circumstances. You agree you are responsible for any good, bad, or okay outcome that may arise from any content that you freely submit to this website, and that submitting information to this website without the owners permission could lead to Lawful action/s being taken against you. You agree that if we believe fraudulent, or any other criminal activity is occurring amongst visitors of this website that we can pass on any information of yours that we may have on record to a party in Authority, this may include your name, address, contact email and phone numbers, IP address, or any other relevant information. You agree to waive this website and the owner of this website of responsibility of the content you submit to this website via displayed function/s on this website, you are responsible for what you submit under all circumstances.


Other Terms of Use


As well as agreeing to the terms of use set out herein, you agree to also agree to other terms that are displayed throughout this website, including out cookie policy.